Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Painting Without Fear

A couple of weeks ago I attended a really fun workshop led by Stan Kurth called Painting Without Fear. It was really a fun day. Stan had worked for years doing tight graphic design work that was driving him crazy. He finally broke free to do his own art and it is loose and fun. He showed us lots of examples of his work and explained the process of building up texture, layering color, taking away color, layering more...He then begins to look for suggestions of imagery that he can define more with added details and often opaque paint around the negative spaces. This really wasn't new, who hasn't imagined images that accidentally occur? But what was new was the timing of the joy of playing with your images like you used to! Most of the participants are competent artists who are serious in their work. We all had fun and did indeed feel like we were enjoying painting without fear. Lessons for me included being way more patient building up layers of texture. It is worth the time to layer and consider those additions and subtractions. I was working on thick nice watercolor paper instead of canvas. There was something yummy about that paper. I also learned that you can scrub off acrylic with alcohol. That was news to me and a great new tool! I already use gesso when working with acrylics, but that is part of the opaque layers. Stan mentioned contrast of opaque and transparent and I sometimes forget to let that contrast be one of my tools. Here are my results for the day with Stan as well as some additional images, including some working from the model.


Shirley Fachilla said...

How interesting this all sounds and what interesting and intriguing images you created!

Ann Osgood said...

It was a very freeing day. I knew I wanted to get to a more interesting surface...this was a wonderful practice session about that very thing. I had no idea that acrylic could be manipulated with alcohol. I know you are an acrylic painter so you might enjoy playing with that. You can dip your brush (a crummy one) in the rubbing alcohol and scrub away!